More About Premonitions

I discussed a couple of events in my last blog that really couldn’t be explained by anything that makes any sense. Here’s another.

When I was twelve years old I was the goalie for Bruce’s automotive hockey team in Toronto. During one game I was hit in the forehead with a puck (we didn’t wear protective masks in those days) and got a cut that required stitches. I was out of commission for a couple of weeks during which time one of the forwards played goalie in my place.

The night before I was scheduled to return I had a dream that another kid showed up at practice and started playing goalie, and when I returned to the rink I saw this kid in goal. The coach came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and told me that I was not going to be the starting goalie anymore. It was only a dream, right? Wrong! You can guess where this is going. The day after the dream I returned to practice only to have the coach tell me I had been replaced as the starting goalie.

Last time I said I was going to talk about communication between identical twins. This is a central theme in my novel The Gemini Factor.

It’s a well known fact that from a very early age a high percentage of identical twins have a special language peculiar to them by which they communicate.

My first encounter with this weird phenomenon occurred when I was a camp counselor. M & J (no names) weren’t identical twins but pure gibberish came out of their mouths when they spoke to each other. M and I became romantically involved, and I asked her what was the gibberish was all about. Of course she being totally unresistant to my charm shared the secret with me. They put inig between letters of the words, and spoke with the rapidity of a machine gun so nobody could figure out what they were saying. So a simple phrase, like “how are you Phil?” becomes. “hinigow inigare yinigou Phinigil?” Try it. It’s fun.

How about identical twins who seem to communicate without ever speaking?

Bryan-Brothers1On June 29, 2011 ABC Primetime Nightline aired a special, Twin Tuition, narrated by Juju Chang. She profiled the Bryan brothers, Mike and Bob, identical twins, who are probably the world’s top pairs tennis players. Their opponents have accused them of having an unfair advantage on the courts because they think the Bryans are communicating telepathically.

If I didn’t know better I’d swear Juju Chang read my book before she aired her program. I didn’t know about the program until months after it appeared on TV. Chills went up my spine when I learned the program was aired on June 29, 2011. That was the day I completed the first draft of my novel. Explain that. Synchronicity?

I’ll talk more about twin-tuition and synchronicity next time.






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