Gemini_ds3Murders are common. Serial murders are less common. Serial murders committed in two different countries at exactly the same time, in exactly the same way, are unheard of…until now.

In Toronto, Inspector Raid McTavish stares at the body of a young woman carefully posed in a bed of purple iris, her throat slashed, almost beheaded, her hands placed to cover her empty eye sockets. He knows this is not a random murder, but the first of more to come. What he doesn’t know is that 2,000 miles away in Tucson, Arizona, Sergeant Gary Ronstadt is viewing an identical crime scene.

Months later, McTavish and Ronstadt meet at a seminar on telepathy between identical twins, where they are shocked to discover that not only are they investigating identical murders, but their lives are intimately linked by a number of inexplicable similarities and coincidences.


Contingency_home_dsFaith Greene decided to have her breasts enlarged with silicone implants. It was a mistake she would not live to regret.

In December 1990, a popular TV host interviewed five women who developed severe debilitating diseases after breast surgery with silicone implants. Two medical experts on the panel said they had proof that silicone leaking and spreading throughout their bodies was responsible for their diseases.

Shortly after the program aired the lawsuits began…and then the brutal murders. All the victims had breast enlargement surgery with silicone implants, performed by the same plastic surgeon, and all were represented by attorneys who belonged to an elite organization of trial lawyers…The Centurion Counsel. And then the murders of the lawyers began.

The killer left no evidence and detectives throughout the country were baffled, until a Tucson Detective, Gary Ronstadt, discovered the association behind the killings, only it may have been too late to prevent the next series of murders.